Imagining freedom when you own a dairy farm is an impossible thing to even speculate about. However, we promise to bring the freedom to you through our company. We at Cool Care aim at saving your time and money and bringing you a great strategy for handling all your dairy farm issues from one place. Save your energy, time and relax your mind. Sit back and handle every task from our Cool Care application as we provide you all the data right in your hands. With an extremely user friendly interface, our application is smart and tranquil to control.

What is Cool Care offering you?

  We at cool care offer you a great helping hand in monitoring your dairy farm with you. We make it easier and smarter. By choosing us to monitor your dairy farm for you, you say yes to the following services.

  Monitoring the milk vat temperature
  Monitor the milk vat volume
  The performance of your chiller
  Status of refrigeration
  The position of inlet and outlet valve
  Alerts and notifications when refrigeration fails or the temperature falls
  Online data dashboard which is received via an email, text or tablets (any other device that you prefer, like PC or laptop)
  Meeting the regulations of MPI temperatures

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  The data collected and sent your way is saved for future reference. We offer lifetime saving option for our clients. However, if you wish to clear any previous data after some time, we act upon your order. We prefer to keep it safe for a lifetime because data can be needed any time.

  With Cool Care you monitor everything (even the tiniest details) of your dairy farm through utter ease and comfort. We save your time and energy and ensure the highest quality of services. Be a boss but never forget your comfort behind! We understand the need of comfort and that is why we bring you smart monitoring with us.