Here at CoolCare we make it easier and more efficient to mind your milk.
Our CoolCare Milk Monitoring device is a great helping hand for any dairy farm.

Managing a Dairy Farm business is demanding on time and energy.

There is immense labour involved and the dairy industry is becoming more intense with so many aspects to manage.

Coolcare can assist in helping in some of the technical pressures on dairy farmers today.

We can compile your milk processing data and elevate the stress of physical milk monitoring.

With Coolcare you can simply operate your tasks with the function of a simple finger and feel in charge of every detail in your Milk storage facility.

Coolcare can help you be an efficient boss on your farm.

Coolcare deliver a user-friendly interface that makes the utilisation of the application easy and smart.

Notifications are received by text message or voice call.

Notifications can also be activated on Computer.

Coolcare provide and array of options for you!

All data is displayed in real time.

All details regarding temperature, duration etc is at your fingertips either from phone or computer.

The data is stored for the duration required for you the farmer. Coolcare can also bring a lifetime storage option for your data.

We at Coolcare aim at saving you time and energy, by providing an efficient monitoring system to help you run your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We can help you run your business efficiently all day every day.