Coolcare is recently established Company. It was formed as our core business identified the necessity for a remote milk monitoring system to meet the requirements of Dairy Farmers.

Dairy Farmers need to receive alerts of critical information regarding Milk Cooling and storage through text and support information on phone app 24 hours a day, 7 day a week.

We have managed to take our company to a reputable level with endless effort and our client's positive feedback.

We focus on monitoring systems in a smart and efficient manner.

Our reputation is based on our fast delivery and extreme efficiency which has helped us gain an incredible customer service.

We believe in utilising the latest technology so that the Dairy business is monitored in the most efficient and secure way possible. Our professional team are constantly updating the systems so that the efficiency level is progressive and maintained.

It is imperative that Milk is always stored and maintained at correct temperatures as


We strive to bring efficient service to our clients and monitor dairy farm cooling systems and temperature via our latest technology.

Our Application is extremely user-friendly and the database interface is technically great to manage.

With Coolcare you are informed immediately if any of the following scenarios occur:

Milk Temperature too high or too low
Cooling time monitored
Milk storage facility not switched on
Wash water temperature incorrect
Compressor malfunction
Agitation malfunction
Ice formation on milk
Low refrigerant
Electrical failure

The Coolcare team confirm that our clients are notified and alerted immediately in such scenarios.
We work together as a team to deliver a high-quality monitoring service.
We provide an excellent monitoring system to meet the needs of our highly valued clients.